Thursday, 3 January 2013

Oh hey there 2013

Hello lovely's! 

                       Happy New Year! I hope you all had an absolutely gorgeous New Year's eve and drank lots and kissed lots and danced lots as everyone should on New Year's Eve. I had a lovely night with all my favourite people and truly welcomed 2013 in with a bang (there were fireworks, yay!). So that out of the way, I thought I'd make some resolutions for the coming 362 days (it's the 3rd today, I do know there's actually 365 days in a year, honest). I shan't say the silly things (lose 5 stone, smile all day every day, buy a unicorn etc) just the thing's I actually plan on doing to make this year truly wonderful. 

Firstly I plan on trying to do everything I want to do. That may sound silly but believe it or not, I tend to over think things way too much. So this year, I'm just going to try as much as possible to do what I want to whenever I can. Basically I'm just not going to over think anything and do what I want and if it doesn't work out then so be it. 

Secondly I'm not going to sweat the small stuff. This is basically a continuation of my first resolution but considering I'm a massive stress head, I think I just need to put it out there. I am so bad for stressing myself out over the simplest of things and towards the end of 2012 I was getting so much better at just chilling out, so I want to carry that on this year and be as calm as possible, yay!

Thirdly I want to take more photos. I am so bad at getting all dressed up and planning a big night out and then not taking any photos to actually document the occasion, so this year I'm going to become completely snap happy and become the resident annoying girl with camera within my group of friends, how fun. 

And finally I'm going to finally get my tattoo. I've been wanting one for ages but I keep putting it off and being a major wimp but this year I'm getting it for definite and hopefully it will be before my birthday (11th of February, buy me presents...), how very exciting. 

So that's my initial plans for this year and hopefully I can stick to them. 

Have you got any New Year's resolutions? Did you manage to stick to the ones you made for 2012? Let me know!

Speak soon lovelies! 


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