Who, me?


Sixth-former/heavy drinker/ professional twerker
I buy way too many beauty products and tend to wear dresses once. 
I wear ridiculous amounts of jewellery and if I could, I'd constantly be wandering round with a ring on every finger. 
I like red lips, gold rings, winged liner, Chanel powder, cheekbones, Beyonce, crosses, point nails,Kings of Leon, quotes, leather jackets, sushi, high-waistedness,Marilyn Monroe, white teeth, Jesus jewellery,  Vera Wang Princess, nice brushes, fake lashes, Gossip Girl, eyebrows, tattoos, Starbucks, getting ready...
And the list goes on.

I don't like blusher, leggings, pigeons, kitten heels, feet, eggs, winter, jeans and I'm sure there's about 1 million other things but that'll do for now.

If you like my blog, I like you.


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