Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hot in Here...

Hey pretty's!
                      So for all you lovely British people out there, I'm sure you're aware of the rather stunning weather we've been graced with of late and I for one have been enjoying it immensely. However as someone with balayage locks, the sun is not particularly kind to my blonde bits. So here's three products I've been using to keep my hair in a suitable state for the summer...

Firstly I've absolutely fell in love with the Charles Worthington Hair Healer leave-in Conditioner. It retails at around £6 so isn't expensive at all but it's insanely good. It comes in a good sized tube and has the consistency of a normal conditioner and is pretty much used in the same way. You apply it to wet hair ( I usually towel dry mine first) with hands or you can comb it through, not directly applying to the the roots, concentrating more on your ends. It leaves hair looking glossy and feeling amazing, as well as smelling like salon products. Perfect product for anyone who uses heat on a regular basis and hates the broken fly aways that come as a result. 

Secondly I've rediscovered my love for Frizz-Ease Hair Serum after drifting away from it for a year or so. It's perfect for any curly haired people like myself who are self confessed straightener addicts. It just gives my hair an all around smoother look as well as making it stay straight for longer, which is always a bonus when the weather's warm, the less time I spend styling the better! Once again it's around the £6 mark but is very often on offer in Boots/Superdrug. 

And finally the Phyto Protective Sun Veil spray. This is basically an SPF for hair. It's a kind of fine oil that has the most amazing scent ever! You apply before and during your time in the sun and just acts as a really good pick me up for dry hair. It has a UV filter and also protects hair from salt and chlorine, so is perfect for holiday use. It's also said to preserve hair colour which is an added bonus. 

So there's my products for perfect hair this summer, what are yours? Have you found any miracle products for keeping your locks looking lovely lately? Let me know in the comments below! 

Lots of Love X 

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