Monday, 19 November 2012

Rocking On: My Winter Playlist

Hey kittens!
                     So for the last few weeks I've had the same playlist on a loop at all times and I'm absolutely loving it. I started getting into Spotify in the summer and ever since then I've developed a little ritual, in order to broaden my musical horizons. 

  1. Find the song: Basically every time I hear any music that remotely interests my ears, I find it on Spotify, add to a playlist and give it a listen. 
  2. Check out the artist: If I like the song, I look into more of the artists stuff, usually the top 5 songs on their Spotify page and add those to my playlist. 
  3. Decide: If I'm still liking the artist, I'll download their music to my iTunes and add it to my favourite iTunes playlist
  4. iPod: If it makes it to my iPod, it's a keeper
These few steps have helped me discover some truly wonderful artists, that I'm sure are going to keep me company over the next few months. A good playlist is essential at all times, but considering we spend so much time inside during the winter months, it's even more important to musically educate yourself whenever it's possible. 

Here's my top 15 picks: 
 So there's my top 15 songs off my winter playlist. It's a bit of a peculiar mixture I must say but there's pretty much a song for all moods on there. Some of it's from a good few years back but whatevs, I'm sticking with it. 

What song's are going to be getting you through winter? Do we share any musical loves? 

Thanks for reading lovelies! 
Stay Classy X 

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Anonymous said...

I love that song Feel To Follow by The Maccabees, never heard it before but added it on my spotify :)