Sunday, 8 February 2015

You're Not 19 Forever, Pull Yourself Together...

Oh hey there, 
                     So here I am, crawling back to this blog, pretending I haven't been absent for nearly a year... but the dates don't lie and here I am writing a blog post. I've decided I've got some stuff to say and I've got to do SOMETHING to make a change before I turn the dreaded 1-9. Now  I know many people will be thinking, what's so bad about 19? A thought I shared with you until it started coming at me faster than I'd like to admit and I realised I'd done barely anything of interest in my first year as a real-life adult *let the sobs commence*.

So I'm going to blog again, cos then I can at least say I do something other than sleep, eat and watch Netflix...(I'm not sorry about any of those things btw). 
Also I still have a ridiculous need to buy beauty products and spend way too much money on them. This month is also filled with birthday funzies which means lots of getting my make-up done and new make-up to go along with it *cheers immensely*.

Gerd your loins kids, this is gonna get good. 

Happy me on my birthday last year, oh how times change...

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