Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How I Do- The 'Overdrawn' Nude Lip

Hey lovelies! 

                    Starting a new series today all about how I do all my favourite make-up looks! I'm starting with possibly the biggest trend of right now, the nude lip. The nude lip is something that has obviously been around forever but thanks to Kylie Jenner and those larger than life lips she's sporting, it's now everywhere! I love it and I'm all about the big lips. 

BUT I've seen SO many people get it wrong, it's actually painful. The key to a slightly overdrawn nude lip is for it to not actually look like you've drawn your lips on. Seems obvious right? You'd think so but a couple of scrolls on Instagram would suggest not everyones got it. 
Here's how I do it: 

Start with a dark lip liner to create the shadows, focus on the inner corners of the lips and underneath the bottom lip, where the natural shadow would lie. None of this has to be neat as everything gets blended at the end. 

MAC 'Chestnut' lip pencil 
Then go in with a nude pencil, slightly darker thank your own lip colour. Here's the important part - NEVER overdraw the corners of the mouth, this is what will give you away. Start from the inner corner following the natural line and slightly go above your natural lip line. Don't emphasise the cupids bow, go straight across (*obviously* don't draw a line across your mouth). 
MAC Pro Longwear 'Nice n Spicy' 

Now this is what will make or break the lip, (woah tense) you have to use a matte lip colour as anything with a shine will draw attention to the lip liner. My favourites are MAC 'Yash' and Illamasqua 'Bare' but you can just use whatever you have that works for you. 
MAC Lipstick in 'Yash' 

Then if you want to add a dab of concealer in the centre of the lip and blend out, as well as highlighting above the cupids bow. Get a lip brush blend up any lines so everything looks one gradual colour. Don't add gloss. If you feel you need it, add a clear or a lighter gloss in the centre. 

It's easy really. It's my go to lip at the moment and I love it, anything that makes you poutier can't be a bad thing, right? Let your inner Kylie Jenner soar my children. 

What's your favourite nude lipstick? I'm always on the hunt for more!


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