Monday, 20 February 2012

LFW I think I love you...

Okay, so the fact that I'm stuck in my little house in Liverpool whilst the amazingness that is London Fashion Week is taking place just 200 miles away annoys me to my very core. Nevertheless, thanks to the wonderful people at Vogue I've managed to see all beautiful new collections. The thing I like about LFW is that it's mostly Ready To Wear collections so you can actually judge the clobber on whether you'd wear it, making it so much more accessible for all the none Lady Gaga's of this world, like myself, who just like lovely clothes. 
So I'm going to talk about all my favesss, but this post is devoted to my most favourite show of the week...

My favourite show for this LFW has got to be Burberry Prorsum, as I actually got to see the full show thanks to the mastermind who decided to livestream it from their website. I knew the show was going to be good by simply scouring the front row where God's gift herself, the majestical Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was sat along with Alexa Chung, Kate Bosworth and Eddie Redmayne *flutter*, this was definitely going to be a gooden. 

As the show began and the models started their glide down the perfectly white runway, the key pieces needed to create Christopher Baileys A/W 2012-13 vision were obvious.
Firstly a cinched in waist is clearly a must, with pretty much all models being pulled in to emphasise their minuscule middles as well as framing their hips. This look was created in most cases with a muted, pastel coloured belt often complete with a bow. Also peplums are clearly running through to next season, which is nicely completed by all these tiny waists! 
Burberry also stook to their very British roots with an extremely 'country life' vibe running throughout the showcase, with models in tweed, flat caps and Owls and Foxes being featured on many of the jumpers, bags and belt buckles. 

Another key feature of the collection was the sheer volume of coats Bailey displayed with a mixture of military, bomber and parka jackets all hitting the runway. Coats were tailored and often cropped which I just love! But the beautiful full length purple coat Cara Delevigne closed the show in was also ah-mazing!

As for colours it is clear that neutrals are back with a vengeance as all shades of maroon,mustard, brown, beige and a lovely olive green made up the houses colour scheme. The colours could not have been more perfect in relation to the clothes in my opinion, I'm almost looking forward to next winter already...almost. 
A giant bag is going to come in handy this winter as well according to Mr Bailey as outfits were completed with huge bucket bags, finally knocking those Cambridge Satchels off the fashion radar for good. 
Other aspects that were present throughout the show were velvet, exposed zips, bejewelled collars, horizontal stripes and leather studded gloves. Delicious. 

The show closed with an insanely realistic rain storm outside and confetti storm inside, as the models did their final walk with striped umbrellas in tow. Very clever Chris, very clever. 

So that was Burberry Prorsum and it was simply lovely. I've had a love affair with this brand since I was 7, when I got my first Burberry outfit consisting of a white shirt and cropped black pants with the classic Burberry checks on the turn ups and underneath the collar. As I got older my Burberry ear muffs were treasured and my mums Burberry Mac was lusted after. Now I have a bit of a fashion bug and I prefer the more couture pieces and the beautful boys that appear in their ads, but I'd rather have a classic beige mac over one of those handsome devils any day. 

Much love kittens, hope you enjoyed. 
Stay classy X

disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the photos used in this post, I am not saying claiming they are my own and Copyright goes to whomever took them or owns them. No offence intended. 

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Rebecca said...

Always love Burberry, and look at Clemence Poesy being a babe in the front row! One day we'll be there...