Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Existentialism on Prom night...

Hey hunnies! 
                        Long time no speak but basically the last few weeks have been a mixture of the end of exams, a huge load of celebrating the end of exams, crazy last minute prom prep, uberly tanned skin, getting my first ever job, PROM, recovering from prom, starting work and a few more parties...
So as you can see I have been insanely busy as of late and I probably will be for the next month or so as not only do I have my new job which see's me working crazy hours this weekend ( I'm usually coming home at 4am not getting up to go to work) but it's also 2 of my best friends birthdays and I still have to celebrate my other best friend's birthday with her as it coincided with prom! And I obviously have to do all my other general day to day living too! So I just thought I'd show you all some pictures of the last few weeks or so and also finally show you my prom dress, yay! Enjoy poppets, speak soon, I promise! 

Hairband from Topshop

Shoes from AX Paris

Stud bracelet and clutch bag from Topshop

(My Prom dress was from French Connection) 

Lipstick MAC Girl About Town

Yes that's mostly prom pics, but I can only wear that dress once and I want to get my moneys worth...
I'm also on instagram now if anyone wants to have a gander at my every day shenanigans, through the oh so cool camera phone filters the delightful little app offers. My username's izzi96 
Hope you're all doing well and I shall be back with my summer faves post soon and hopefully a haul once I've got paid, yayyy! 

Stay classy!X

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't commented in so long! Ahh I wish I had another prom, you and your friend both look stunning in your dresses and look like you had a right ball. Jealousssss! And I'm loving all the expensive make up too. Mac ftw.

Gemma x