Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Festival Series: Pre-festival planning!

Hey hunny's!
                       So here I am, after a ridiculous amount of time away,I'm finally back. With a REAL blog post, yes a real one. No long apologies and photo fillers, but actual blogging...it's taken me long enough, I know. But yes I'm back and not with just one post, oh no, I'm back with a whole SERIES of blog posts. Yes you read correctly, a whole series of blog posts to make up for inexcusable absence from the blogosphere. 
And this series is going to be all about festivals, simply because this year I will be going to my first music festival and I am beyond excited. I know lots of festivals have already taken place but arguably some of the biggest are still yet to come (V, Reading, Leeds) so I thought I would share all my planning, tips and other interesting things with you lovely lot. 
Also as this is my first festival, I've been scouring the web for outfit inspiration, make-up ideas and hair tips to keep me going and to be honest I haven't found anything that has particularly taken my fancy. So I thought I'd just do it all myself and let you all in on it too! 

For any of you wondering I'm off to Leeds, it's pretty huge for anyone who isn't familiar with it and this year's line-up is amazing. As I said, it's my first one so I'm not too sure what to expect but here's what I've done thus far....

First thing first, get your ticket. To some this might seem obvious, but if you're unprepared (like me) you will leave completely last minute and then stress out. I got my ticket today, yes today, 10 days before the festival starts. And I don't mean my ticket arrived today after ordering it months ago, oh no, I actually bought it today. I'm a freak I know but here it is, in all it's shining glory.....


Once your actual entry into the festival is sorted, next thing to do is transport. So for some it'll be a rather tedious coach journey with a load of randomers, others will go up on the train with the backpack firmly attached and their patience preparing to take a battering and for some lucky few there'll be a car journey, which if you're not driving (like myself, thanks Peej) will be quite enjoyable. Whatever your chosen transport, plan it in advance, keep your tickets in a safe place and find someone who doesn't mind you drooling on their shoulder if you nod off. 

Transport, done. Next thing to sort is accommodation, if you're one of those people in the VIP area with a real toilet and electricity, then I hate you. Just kidding, I don't really. Okay, maybe I hate you a little bit. But for the majority of us, we'll be roughing it in a tent. This is possibly one of the most important aspects of the whole festival experience, as this will be your base for however long you're there for. It needs to be durable, comfortable and portable. Don't bring a 10 man tent for you and your best friend, it's pointless and heavy. Find a tent that works and make sure you know how to set it up before you get there. For anyone struggling Blacks is really good and not too pricey, also a HUGE thank you to the staff in their Liverpool store for being super helpful to me and all my rowdy pals on Saturday, you were great! 

Here's my tent for anyone who's interested...
Don't forget the pegs! No one wants to come back to their campsite and find their tent has been stolen by the wind. 

And finally get yourself some wellies. Now if you're like me, wellies are not a part of my wardrobe and the idea of wearing them for 3 days to an amazing festival filled with people wearing amazing outfits, terrifies me to my very core. I'm vain, what can I say? But they're necessary and that's that. For me, I'll be purchasing the seemingly obligatory Hunters but if you're not bothered, run down to Primarni and get yourself a few £3 pairs. If you do want Hunters however, John Lewis is the place to go. Yes they're expensive but they'll last forever and they look pretty. 

So that's my pre-essentials done. As soon as my ASOS order is here and my wellies have been collected a festival fashion post will be up, followed by a beauty post, a packing post and one more kind of summary post. 
I'd love to hear of any festival stories or tips you guys have and I hope this has been somewhat helpful to you all! 

Speak soon kittens.
Stay Classy!X

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Anonymous said...

And also jealous of you going to Leeds! I've been two years on the trot and this year I'm not going cos we couldn't all get tickets. Wahhh. You'll have a blast but yes Wellies and a waterproof tent are a MUST. The mud last year made me want to cry loads. Have a lovely time!

Gemma x