Monday, 3 September 2012

Festival Series: Toiletries

Hello there beautiful people, 
                                                  I'm back again with my next festival post and this one's all about toiletries. Now some people may think this is pretty easy, as after all it's a festival, you're supposed to be as minimalistic as possible. However minimalistic and me do not mix. I would much rather be over prepared than under, especially when I'm living in a tent for 4 days in the middle of a field and as great as mud is for the skin, I do not plan to embrace nature in any way shape or form.
*As some of you may have noticed, it is now the 1st of September and most festivals are finished. I am fully aware of this but being the total scat that I am, I completely forgot to set this post live before I went, soz. However Bestival is this weekend (I think) and Glastonbury's in May so now you can all be prepared, way in advance. Now back to me speaking in the future tense even though it was actually written in the past, confusing I know, but let's persevere through this together, okay? *
So here's what I'm taking to Leeds...

So baby wipes, first and foremost the most essential thing any person could ever bring to a festival (after a tent, your ticket, money, wellies etc...but you know what I mean) as if you're like me, a communal shower does not appeal to you in any way shape or form. A baby wipe bath is the best you can hope for if you're going to VETO the showers and VETO you should.  A good wipe down with a few of these in the morning and before bed will rid you of any immediate grossness and make the mud that little bit more bearable. 
I'm also taking separate face wipes as I don't like using baby wipes on the face but that's just me being fussy. 
Next is dry shampoo, once again a must if you're not planning on venturing into the watery wilderness that are apparently 'showers'. Boys and girls alike, this will be your hairs best friend.

Now my actual wash bag contents...
My wash bag is a wipe clean one from French Connection, it's pretty big and fits all my stuff in perfectly. 
I have the obvious things of course: tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant and mouthwash. I'm also taking pretty much every medication you could need for a weekend in the wilderness (okay so it's not the wilderness but I've never camped before, don't judge me...) ibuprofen, allergy and hayfever relief, indigestion tablets, sore eye drops, throat lozengers and soluble paracetamol (great for hangovers...just saying). Also I'm taking about a million plasters, blisters will not be a problem for me I assure you. 
My next two words are perhaps just as important as baby wipes: HAND SANITIZER. Hand sanitizer will possibly be the only thing standing in between you and E Coli, you've all heard festival toilet stories I'm sure you don't need any explanation from me. 
With regards to more beauty related items I'm taking: a mini Frizz-Eze serum, eye make-up remover,nail varnish, body lotion, Righteous Butter, Vera Wang solid perfume and a razor which I probably won't use but you never know. 

To round up, my key tips are for toiletries are: 
  1. Be prepared- you're in a forest at the end of the day, if you think you'll need it, take it. 
  2. Mini's are your friend- Travel sizes were made for occasions like this. You're the one who has to carry your bag don't forget
  3. Take home comforts- This sounds stupid but if you moisturise every day religiously, take your moisturiser with you. I'm sure no one will think any less of you if you whip out your Palmers Cocoa Butter before bed. 

So that's it hunny's. If I've missed anything, please let me know. Hope this helps!

Speak soon!

Stay Classy X

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