Thursday, 6 September 2012

Product Rave: Bioderma

Hey you gorgeous lollipops! 
Got a really quick post for you today about an amazing product. So from the blog title, you've probably guessed this post is about Bioderma. Now I've been hearing about Bioderma ever since I discovered the amazement that is Pixiwoo but seeing as I don't live in France and I didn't fancy paying ridiculous amounts for shipping, I waited to jump on the bandwagon...until now. 
Let me quickly paint you a little picture. For the past few years I've been cursed with bad skin. Now, it's not awful but it's not enjoyable either. So in November of last year I finally took myself to the doctors and nipped that problem straight in the bud before it took over my whole life. My skin cleared up thanks to a wonderous little liquid called Zineryt and I stopped resembling a domino (because domino's have spots, do you get it? HA) for a while. My skin cleared up so much that around April I just stopped using my precious Zineryt all together, this is when problems began to arise. Clearly I got too cocky and by June, just before my prom, I was attacked with an evil little plague of spots. Chaos ensued but crisis was averted after my doctor did a skin review and gave me my Zineryt back 3 days before prom. Thank goodness. I stuck with my Zineryt after this but at the end of July my bottle expired and as I was rather busy, I forgot to go and get another one. Low and behold, my spots came back and with a vengeance. My skin was awful, the worst it had been in about a year and it was also the day before I was due to go off to Leeds festival, meaning I didn't have time to get my prescription. It was atrocious and it got progressively worse over the weekend, much to my horror. I got home at about 5am on Monday morning and then preceded to sleep until  Tuesday night. By this time, my parents were packing up and getting ready to jet off on their jollies for a few days, so once again my prescription would have to wait.  Where were they going you may ask, well my lovelies they were popping off to France, the home of skin care extraordinaire's like Bioderma. As you can imagine I sent my mother strict instructions via text complete with a picture and everything, making sure Bioderma was purchased for her acne prone child. I eagerly awaited their return and on Sunday, I was presented with this...


I can honestly not say enough good things about Bioderma. After the first use I saw a difference in my skin, even though it's just meant to remove make-up. After 2 days the majority of my blemishes has cleared up and my skin in general just looks a lot brighter and healthier. Amazing. It is extremely gentle and literally feels like you're just putting water on your skin. It's super easy to use too, as it just needs to be poured onto a cotton pad and then wiped around the face. I am so excited to finally be able to experience this product and can not recommend it enough to you all. 
You can get Bioderma online from here  or here and from September it will be available in the new Harvey Nichols venture, BeautyMart which is coming to Harvey Nichols on the 7th of September. 

Thanks for reading guys, hope this has been helpful! 
Have any of you tried Bioderma? What are your thoughts? Is there any other 'wonder products' you think I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

Speak soon hunny pies! 

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