Sunday, 27 May 2012

(21) Days of Summer

Hola Chicassss,

So I have been majorly M.I.A for the last few weeks but my life seems to have been consumed by an atrocious acronym called GCSE's eurgh. However as the end is growing ever closer I thought I would fill you in on the thing's I've actually done with the little free time I have, and it looks a little something like this...

FOOD! I have enjoyed some rather delicious meals of late...

Ice-cream and lolly ices have kept me sane 

Apart from these ones, they break....

I've also been consuming around 3 twister lolly ices a day, but I'm usually too excited about eating it to take pictures

Revision in the sun is much more fun...

okay so this isn't revision but still

Other shenanigans...

pretty, no? 


scooter stealing, FTM 

Croxteth Hall in the sun, delightful.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to. Hope you've all been enjoying the sun as much as I have! And good luck to everyone else doing exams at the moment, they'll be over before you know it! 
Got a summer must haves post coming up soon, so keep a weather eye on the horizon. 

Speak soon, much love!
Stay classy!X


Anonymous said... I just died a little inside, that is the most gorgeous looking ice cream I've ever seen lol

Izzi said...

It really was amazing, Thorntons ice-creams are sooo good!X

Anonymous said...

I never go to Croxteth Hall I really should...just end up in town again and again and again spending loads of money! And good look with your GCSE's! Believe me you will miss them when you have to do A-Levels!

Gemma x