Tuesday, 8 May 2012

School's Out Forever

Hey my lovelies! 

So another unfashion/make-upy related post today, soz! 
But as I have afore mentioned, I am very nearly at the end of my compulsory education. This is an extremely big task to lay on such a youngens shoulders, but I shall accept this gauntlet and venture off into the big wide world...well actually I'll be back at school in September to start Sixth Form but the fact that I don't have to makes it seem a very important decision! 
For those of you who have left school, which I'm sure many of you have, you may be aware that some cheeky little monkeys tend to play a few tricks around the last few days of school, as a kind of backhanded love note to their former prison place of learning.
Now in my school, such things are frowned upon and because of this, for the last two years all have been too scared to do anything remotely funny, pansy's. However, this year I have a feeling some crafty little devils may strap on a pair and do something funny (obviously I would never dream of pulling a prank on my beloved school, so so childish...) 
The thing is, the bar was set pretty high a few years back when some bloody genius's wreaked havoc around school (including a streaker who made it through the entire school and into his waiting get-away car without being caught) which is still talked about to this day. I consider myself as somewhat of an exhibitionist but somehow think running through school in nothing but a gold thong would do more harm than good, I don't want the therapy bills of 100 year 7's on my conscience thank you very much. 
So our last day looming (11th of May) my question to you kind readers, is what did you do on your last day? What was the most successful? And most importantly do we think this...

is too far? 

Let me know guys, speak soon! 

Stay classy!X

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fritha louise said...

On our last day we filled the library with hundreds of balloons, to piss off our incredibly stereotypical librarian. That was lots of fun!