Friday, 18 May 2012

Blazer Squad

Hey kittens,

Just a quick one today before I pop off out to Cheshire Oaks, yay! 
So I bought this beautiful white blazer from Zara way back when in February and have barely worn out. But over the last 2 weeks or so I have well in truly fell in love with it and would happily wear it forever...hence the extreme need for it to be dry-cleaned ASAP. 
Against my better judgement I'm wearing it again today as it's just so God damn beautiful...
"hey look a camera..." *instantly does weird face*

Yes I know, you can't see the whole blazer but my room resembled a crack den (not because I use crack but because I'm a complete meff) but you get the idea...right? And incase you were wondering, my top is also from Zara and my sunglasses are from RayBan and my hair is from my head. 

Anyway my point is, I'm running out of ways to style it and I would greatly appreciate your help! As afore mentioned I've worn this a few fair times however being the strange little person I am, I never seem to take pictures of myself unless I'm doing this...
*drunken party thought process* I guess I'll just take all my clothes off and put my Ninja-Turtle pyjamas on whilst half the guests are still here, keep eyelashes on though, always keep eyelashes on, lalalala, oooooh Archers don't mind if I do..., ah ha! a camera just what I need to remember this moment forever, brilliant idea, don't forget to smile with my eyes...yep, thats definitely a keeper

I didn't feel that picture was appropriate to unleash upon the internet without some sort of explanation...sorry guys. Swiftly moving on. I managed to find some photos of me in the blazer

Once again, bad pictures I know but I'm sure you get the idea by now, yes? 
So how would you style this bad boy? Especially now we're approaching summer. Let me know guys! 

Love and Light! 
Stay classy!X

P.S. here's a close-up of my make-up today, I'm wearing the Sleek Oh So Special palette with some Clinique gel-liner and the 1000 kisses lip tint and which I think is awesome! 

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