Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Degenerate Beauty-Queen...

Hola Chicasss!

Okay so terrifyingly I've reached that point in my life where things have started to get a bit serious and grown-up. In less than two weeks I leave school and start my GCSE's and in about 6 weeks they'll all be done and my future will be in the hands of those little dweebs called "examiners" *shudder*. To be perfectly honest, I'm absolutely petrified. I don't do well under pressure and I'm not one of those people who can sit for weeks in advance and prepare, as quite frankly I'd rather be out having fun. Now some of you may think this is the wrong way to look at it and after 16 years of life, I should've probably changed my ways. However, thus far revising for exams about 3 days in advance has worked fine, and snagged me 3 A's in my GCSE's that I took early may I add. So until that disgusting day comes when I actually have to grow up and sort my life out, I plan on carrying on as I am and live in a world of eye-liner,glitter, crosses, red lips and white tee's. Hellz yeah. 
Now with all the gross stuff out of the way I will get down to business, leaving school means GCSE's but it also means...PROM!!!
As a British teen who was grown-up living vicariously through American TV shows, I have been counting down to Prom for years. In my eyes Prom is kind of like a wedding rehearsal/warm-up, way in advance. It's going to be my first big event, that requires me to dress up, arrive in a fancy car, tolerate people I don't really like, have a crappy meal and then do the YMCA with people that I probably won't see again for a few years. 
The most important thing in that list of course is the dressing up, in a dress. And beautiful shoes. And amazing jewellery. And a lovely bag. SO exciting. 
Well at least it was until I realised my idea of what my perfect prom outfit was, does not exist. Anywhere. And I mean anywhere. For the past 3 months I have been searching everywhere for a dress that is perfect mixture of beautiful,classy,sparkly,perfect but most importantly NOT stereo-typical bedazzled,tulle covered, sticky out prom dress that seems to be the go to article for girls everywhere these days. 
Basically I want to look like this....

or wear this...
 Is this too much? 

But definitely not like this...

So if any of you have any idea where I could find such a thing, please do let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.

Speak soon lovelies!
Stay classy!x

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